A righteous hero from a planet called "The Land of Light" in Nebula M78, widely known by the generic name "ULTRAMAN" or "ULTRA Fighter."
Not only is Ultraman full of strength, but also full of kindness.
To the distinguished ULTRA Fighters within the ULTRAMAN Family, the term "ULTRAMAN Brothers" is used, but this does not necessary mean that they are related by birth, but are companions or league.

For each ULTRAMAN naming, the term "ULTRA" or "ULTRAMAN" is placed at the beginning, like "ULTRA SEVEN" or "ULTRAMAN TARO."

The first ULTRAMAN who appeared on the earth was simply called "ULTRAMAN."

ULTRAMAN may take form of a humanoid (human-like being) or be as a silver-and-red/blue super fighter.

With its high physical capacity and numerous special abilities, ULTRAMAN's powers are absolute, but at the same time, has several weaknesses.

A distinctive example would be, ULTRAMAN can only exist in the earth's atmosphere for a limited time interval.

ULTRAMAN's Abilities

All ULTRAMAN have certain abilities (special abilities).

Transformation / Enlargement

When living on another planet, ULTRAMAN changes its form similar to the inhabitants of that planet. In some cases, ULTRAMAN may "borrow" the body of one of the inhabitants.
In case of an emergency, ULTRAMAN returns to its original form.
In order to change forms, a special item or pose is to be required.
If not in possession of that item or ULTRAMAN is badly wounded and does not have enough energy, ULTRAMAN is unable to change forms.
Again, ULTRAMAN is able to change its size depending on the situation.

Flying Ability

Has abilities to fly in space, and can also travel between planets.
Furthermore, ULTRAMAN can fly in the atmosphere of planets with gravity.
Teleportation between planets or within the atmosphere is another ability which ULTRAMAN has, but it requires tremendous energy and cannot be used frequently.

Beam Weapon

ULTRAMAN's ability to shoot a beam from the body.
This beam can also be in the form of a ring or sword.
This is the most powerful weapon that the ULTRA Fighters carry.

Some of the ULTRA Fighters can use part of their body as a weapon, like ULTRA SEVEN's "Eye Slugger."

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Why does ULTRAMAN fight?

ULTRAMAN and ULTRAMAN Brothers fight for world peace and secure order in the galaxy.
They actively contribute to the galaxy’s peace and order using their high level fighting skills.
Not only are they strong, but also are kind and loving toward the weak.

ULTRAMAN and its family possess high levels of intelligence and acts according to their ethics developed through the long history of the "Land of Light."

Case 1: Monster Disaster
When monsters go berserk and threaten the lives of the inhabitants (living intelligence),
it is considered a type of natural disaster, and ULTRAMAN will begin attacking the threat.
On the other hand since the monster is a part of nature, attacks may be ceased in some cases to protect the enemy.
Case 2: Act of Aggression (Invasion)
When an act of aggression (invasion) from other planets takes place, ULTRAMAN will counterattack to save the planet.
Depending on the situation of the offense and defense of the invasion, attacks may be ceased.

For activity on individual planets, they will cooperate with local organizations and units.
In many cases, ULTRAMAN in the human form will become one of the unit members.
When living in the form of the planet's inhabitant, when monster activity becomes intense, or when earth invasion frequently occurs, ULTRAMAN will make a long stay on the planet in the human form.
Only when peace has been achieved, ULTRAMAN will leave the planet by its own will and return to the "Land of Light."

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