Activities Report

Production of the 2017 ULTRAMAN FOUNDATION Calendar

The ULTRAMAN FOUNDATION has produced the 2017 calendar, which is given to all facilities that have provided supporting visits.

The calendar was specially designed by Tatsuya Miyanishi, a picture book writer who agrees with the aims of the ULTRAMAN FOUNDATION. Miyanishi, who has been involved in creating many picture books in the Ultraman series, created a beautifully-designed calendar.
With this collaboration, we will present a message from Miyanishi to children who enjoy the series.

Each person has their own dream and hopes as well as people who they love.
This is true for everybody, including Ultraman, Alien Baltan, Zetton, Jamila and Pigmon.
If everybody could unite and do their best together,
I believe that a wonderful future could be created. That was in my thoughts as I drew these pictures.
All of you viewing the pictures, would you like to do your best together with me?
If all your love could be gathered together, we could build an even better future.
The Ultraman characters are hoping to receive your love.

We hope that this calendar will provide an opportunity to remember the bonds of courage exchanged in high-fives and handshakes with the ULTRA HEROES as well as the energetic power cultivated through ULTRA GYMNASTICS, and that it will encourage children to strive for their dreams.
The ULTRAMAN FOUNDATION will continue to engage in activities as a foundation for children, now and in the future.

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