Activities Report


Microbus donation ceremony for the Taro Dai-ichi Elementary School, Miyako City, Iwate Pref.

On August 29 (Thu.), 2013, we visited the Taro Dai-ichi Elementary School (Miyako City, Iwate Pref.) together with Ultraman Taro and Ultraman Zero and attended an unveiling ceremony for the microbus that the Foundation had donated to Miyako City.

Approximately 180 people, including all of the pupils and related people, attended the ceremony, and the arrival of the Ultra-heroes received an extremely warm welcome from everybody in attendance.

The microbus will be used as a school bus from the day following the ceremony, touring the temporary housing facilities, etc. in the Taro region in order to take the children to school. This donation represents the third time microbuses have been donated to areas within Iwate prefecture.

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