Activities Report


Microbus donation ceremony for Higashi-Matsushima City in Miyagi Pref.

On July 28 (Sun.), 2013, we took part in the “Ganbappe Higashi-Matsushima Children’s Festival 2013” (Higashi-Matsushima City, Miyagi Pref.) together with the Ultra-heroes.

The theme of the event was “The Smiling Faces of Children,” and it was held as part of the recovery program for Higashi-Matsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture, by the Ganbappe Higashi-Matsushima Children’s Festival executive committee, based on the image of a hand-made theme park with the goal of cheering everyone up.

The Ultraman Foundation held a ceremony in which a microbus covered in original Ultra-heroes wrapping was donated to the city and staged an Ultraman Zero-show, which brought many smiles to the faces of the children attending the event.

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