Support Message

Shin Kurobe

Ultraman is always with you. Please move on with hope in your heart.

Shin Hayata / played by Shin Kurobe

Hiroko Sakurai

To all children, please don't go to any dangerous places! When you are sad, do not hesitate to show your tears. But after you have cried, look up, face forward, and move on. You have my support!

Science Special Search Party(SSSP) Akiko Fuji / played by Hiroko Sakurai

Koji Moritsugu

Let's all join hands and work hard toward recovery.
Our endeavors will overcome any difficulties. And a bright future will wait for us ahead.

Dan Moroboshi / played by Koji Moritsugu

Yuriko Hishimi

It must have been a horrible experience for the people in the suffered areas. Even then, I have been touched by the people smiling and helping each other seen on television. You all have taught me the meaning of true strength. Thank you! Our hearts will always be with you. Best wishes to you all.

Ultra Guard(UG) Anne Yuri / played by Yuriko Hishimi


 Jiro Dan

I would like to send my deepest sympathies to all those whom have been affected by the great earthquake. Now, the people of Japan are uniting as one. I believe each individual strength will become one large power. Keep smiling, keep working together!

Hideki Go / played by Jiro Dan

Keiji Takamine

I sincerely hope that everyone will stand strong, be kind and take good care of the people around you. I am filled with powerlessness, but I am praying for everyone of you all the time.

Seiji Hokuto / played by Keiji Takamine

Mitsuko Hoshi

Do you see the light? The light that connects tomorrow.
It will surely come through.
From the moon, I pray for you all.

Yuko Minami / played by Mitsuko Hoshi

Saburo Shinoda

To the mother and father of Ultraman.
A young girl who has lost her family is weeping for her mother. Please come down and comfort her. Please come down and behold all the people who have lost hope in this tragic disaster.
From Taro

Kotaro Higashi / played by Saburo Shinoda

Ryu Manatu

To all children who are spending their daily lives in shelters,
Please stay strong, brave and never give up hope.
Ultraman Leo will always be with you!

Gen Ootori / played by Ryu Manatu

Hatsunori Hasegawa

I send my sincere hopes and regards to everyone affected by this disaster.
It breaks my heart to see you all persevering in such hard times.
Let us all support each other, cry together, and finally overcome this terrible hardship.
Please take good care of yourself.

Takeshi Yamato / played by Hatsunori Hasegawa

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