Support Message

Shin Kurobe

Ultraman is always with you. Please move on with hope in your heart.

Shin Hayata / played by Shin Kurobe

Hiroko Sakurai

To all children, please don't go to any dangerous places! When you are sad, do not hesitate to show your tears. But after you have cried, look up, face forward, and move on. You have my support!

Science Special Search Party(SSSP) Akiko Fuji / played by Hiroko Sakurai

Koji Moritsugu

Let's all join hands and work hard toward recovery.
Our endeavors will overcome any difficulties. And a bright future will wait for us ahead.

Dan Moroboshi / played by Koji Moritsugu

Yuriko Hishimi

It must have been a horrible experience for the people in the suffered areas. Even then, I have been touched by the people smiling and helping each other seen on television. You all have taught me the meaning of true strength. Thank you! Our hearts will always be with you. Best wishes to you all.

Ultra Guard(UG) Anne Yuri / played by Yuriko Hishimi

 Jiro Dan

I would like to send my deepest sympathies to all those whom have been affected by the great earthquake. Now, the people of Japan are uniting as one. I believe each individual strength will become one large power. Keep smiling, keep working together!

Hideki Go / played by Jiro Dan

Keiji Takamine

I sincerely hope that everyone will stand strong, be kind and take good care of the people around you. I am filled with powerlessness, but I am praying for everyone of you all the time.

Seiji Hokuto / played by Keiji Takamine

Mitsuko Hoshi

Do you see the light? The light that connects tomorrow.
It will surely come through.
From the moon, I pray for you all.

Yuko Minami / played by Mitsuko Hoshi

Saburo Shinoda

To the mother and father of Ultraman.
A young girl who has lost her family is weeping for her mother. Please come down and comfort her. Please come down and behold all the people who have lost hope in this tragic disaster.
From Taro

Kotaro Higashi / played by Saburo Shinoda

Ryu Manatu

To all children who are spending their daily lives in shelters,
Please stay strong, brave and never give up hope.
Ultraman Leo will always be with you!

Gen Ootori / played by Ryu Manatu

Hatsunori Hasegawa

I send my sincere hopes and regards to everyone affected by this disaster.
It breaks my heart to see you all persevering in such hard times.
Let us all support each other, cry together, and finally overcome this terrible hardship.
Please take good care of yourself.

Takeshi Yamato / played by Hatsunori Hasegawa

Sayoko Hagiwara

To all who are affected by this crisis.
Everyday, I see the devastation on the news.
The only thing I pray for is for you all to recover back to your daily peaceful lives.
Do not give up!! I will never forget the strong-hearted figure of you all fighting against this tragedy.
My heart will be always with you.

Yullian / played by Sayoko Hagiwara

Mio Takaki

Dear friends in the disaster-stricken area.
We will always be supporting you from the far skies. We all feel the same. Together, we will fill this Earth with light... so please do not give up. Let's start with what we can do now. I won't give up, too!

Megumi Iruma / played by Mio Takaki

Takeshi Tsuruno

Haven't seen you for a long time.
I am sending this message from a far distant star.
Just heard about the tragic event in Japan,
I have decided to finalize my long journey around the universe and head back to earth.
I am always on your side, please hold tight until I'm back.

Shin Asuka / played by Takeshi Tsuruno

Takeshi Yoshioka

Never give up your dreams and hopes.
This world will never end if everybody gathers up as one.

Gamu Takayama / played by Takeshi Yoshioka

Sugiura Taiyo

Now is the time to put together all our light. Let's unite all our strengths to deliver our thoughts and light to people in the disaster areas.
If only I can be of any help to the people there.
As long as we don't give up, the light of hope will shine through!
Let's hope the smiles will return to the people's face as soon as possible.

Musashi Haruno / played by Sugiura Taiyo

Mayuka Suzuki

There is nothing we cannot overcome if we all help each other... this is what I believe. Let us come together to overcome this situation! Do not forget the light of hope... and to bring back the smiles in Tohoku!

Ayano Morimoto / played by Mayuka Suzuki

Takuji Kawakubo

"Don't give up!" I seem to hear this message coming from somewhere. Let's get united under this strong "Bond" of Japan and stand up against all the difficulties. After all, we are all connected by the "Bond". Let's fight it through.

Kazuki Komon / played by Takuji Kawakubo

Yasue Sato

My deepest sympathies go to those whom have been affected by the earthquake. There must be many people suffering from the cold at the disaster-stricken areas. Please have strong faith to "LIVE!" We will always be by your side.

Nagi Saijo / played by Yasue Sato

Sota Aoyama

You are a member of team DASH!
Let's join hands and put the smiles back to people's faces!
Your happy faces will save Japan!

Kaito Touma / played by Sota Aoyama

Misato Hirata

Our hands are held together. The CREW GUYS will do our best. You are not alone, don't be afraid! Captain Sakomizu is also close to you. Don't try too hard and stress yourself, just stay well.

Konomi Amagai / played by Misato Hirata

Minami Shota

This is Rei. You are doing things based on "like" or "dislike"? Surely you are alright because it's you!
And I hope you are always wearing your "smile". Please send your "smile" to your families, friends and teachers. This is the "Ultra Power" which only you can give. Now do me a favour-while we ZAP members are not able to reach the Earth, please shower the planet with your "smile". I believe you can do that.
Let's meet up again with our "smiles".

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle
Rei / played by Minami Shota

Koyanagi Yu

The only thing we can do now is to support each other and to live through today and tomorrow.
Let's carry on so that we can see the smiling face again! Let's not lose the smiles!
It's our light of hope!

ULTRAMAN ZERO :The Revenge of Belial
Ran /played by Koyanagi Yu

Mamoru Miyano

Hello guys! I'm Ultraman Zero.
Never give up although current circumstances must be painful enough for you. You are also a companion of Ultimate Force Zero. You must also save your family and your friends who are crying. You can do it, because you have the same light as the Ultra-Brothers' in you.
Yeah!! This is our light of hope!.

ULTRAMAN ZERO :The Revenge of Belial
Voice of ZERO / played by Mamoru Miyano

Tsuchiya Tao

This is Emerana. I was once saved by friends and from this experience I want you to give this message to whoever needs your help: "let's be friends!", or "You have friends here!"
Your smile, words of courage and handshake will be stronger than the ores of Emerald, and the dazzling light more powerful than the shield of Barrage will shine through. Though I live far away from you I will fight together with the hope that we will bring together our smiles.

ULTRAMAN ZERO :The Revenge of Belial
Princess Emerana / played by Tsuchiya Tao

Toshihiro Iijima

"Get hope! The power of recovery is produced by hope".
That is a message from me, who returned from the war and who recovered from cancer.

Director / Toshihiro Iijima

Kazuho Mitsuda

I had lived in Sendai, Miyagi, before graduating high school. This disaster is really breaking my heart. If you are losing your grip, please shout out loud "SHUWATCH" and raise your right hand high towards the sky. Yes, you can become Ultraman.
Then, as a director, I'm going to give you a sign.
Are you ready? ACTION!

Director / Kazuho Mitsuda

Activities Report

Production of the 2017 ULTRAMAN FOUNDATION Calendar

Production of the 2017 ULTRAMAN FOUNDATION Calendar

The ULTRAMAN FOUNDATION has produced the 2017 calendar, which is given to all facilities that have provided supporting visits.

Kaiju Booska appears at the 2016 Densho Hall Terakoya: Shibuya Konnoumaru Densetsu! Monsters Donation Box set up to help fund-raising activities

Kaiju Booska appears at the 2016 Densho Hall Terakoya: Shibuya Konnoumaru Densetsu! Monsters Donation Box set up to help fund-raising activities

On Sunday, November 27, 2016, the Ultraman Foundation set up Monsters Donation Boxes and ran fund-raising activities at the “2016 Densho Hall Terakoya: Shibuya Konnoumaru Densetsu” held at the Shibuya Cultural Center Owada (organizers: office SOMEIRO, Shibuya City).